How to Trade LIVE Sports? 

BallStreet allows players to trade live sports as they happen in real time. 

Markets for each team will trade from "0 to 100" based on the Win Probability of each outcome. The better a team plays and more likely an outcome, the higher the price.

Example: A team with a price of "72" means the traders in the market think there is a 72% chance they will win the game. As the game progresses the perception in the market will change. As more traders think a team is playing well, they will buy shares of that team and the price will go up. If traders think a team is playing poorly, they will sell and push the price lower. With the real time market you are able to buy and sell at all times. The market is always open.

At the end of the game:

Winning teams will value at 100

Losing teams will value at 0

Your goal is to out trade everyone in the market. Not pick the winning team in the game.

The outcome of the actual event doesn't matter, only your trading score.

Let the market decide the winner. Not the game.