10 Trading Commandments

10 Trading Commandments

We’ve been developing this game for years, to turn you into a trading animal

It's rules to this shit, so we wrote you a manual

A step-by-step booklet for you to get,

Your game on track, not your P&L pushed back…

  1. Thou shall not pick the winner in the first half; You have the ability to buy and sell at all times. You should be buying shares of the team(s) you think will be performing better in the short term.

  2. Thou shall always have extra virtual currency; You can’t predict the future, so stop trying. If you go all-in on a team and they continue to trade lower you will be stuck and not be able to buy more if you still think that team is going to eventually trade higher.

  3. Thou shall not ride a team to 0; You can always get out of a position and change your mind. The key is to be on the right side of the trend. When you are on wrong side of market, fix it as soon as you can.

  4. Thou shall not trade heavily before event start; Unless there is a major event like an injury or the entire market is buying or selling a team one way you should not be looking to enter the market too early. By buying shares before kickoff you are simply taking a position in that team scoring first, not winning the game.

  5. Thou shall always be aware of the IPO price; This is a key metric to understanding where the market owns shares of each team. It will be important for support and resistance lines and deciding the most logical place the market will gap up and down.

  6. Thou shall use the leaderboard to understand position; It's important to always know where you are compared to all other players. The only goal is to be inside the top 20%.

  7. Thou shall wait as long as possible before going “all in”; Crazy things happen all of the time late in games, there is no reason to be all in on a team until you are clear and willing to commit to them winning.

  8. Thou shall not be afraid to buy the losing team; To really compete consistently you will have to be able to identify when a losing team and their shares will trend higher. Remember if a team trades from $20 to $40 that is a 100% ROI compared to a team trading from $50 to $70 which is only 40% ROI by comparison. 

  9. Thou shall diversify in multi team markets; When there are more than 2 teams being traded it is important to spread yourself out enough to catch a big move in a name that might not have as much attention as another team.

  10. Thou shall trade the market, not the game; The key to BallStreet is understanding when the market is wrong and then trade against it. Teams will get over bought and over sold in every market so you have to identify when this happens and act accordingly.

Follow these rules and you'll have mad bread to break up.

If not, out of the top 20 and everyone else gettin paid up.