The games will be fast and the markets will be faster.

What should traders expect for the 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

  1. Lots of Games and Lots of Markets - There are 64 teams and 63 games that will be played throughout the tournament. Each one will be important and each one will be televised. It will be up to each trader to pick which game or games they are looking to trade when games overlap, especially during the first 2 rounds of chaos. This will have a very similar feel to NFL via Red Zone with one big difference…

  2. Speed of Games - NCAA games move fast. There are only 2 halves and teams are going to be able to press and push action from the tip to the final buzzer. It’s college so expect monster runs and huge rallies to define games. Keep your head on a swivel because any and everything will happen.

  3. Speed of Markets - With the games being the fastest of any sport so far on BallStreet you can expect markets to move hard and fast. Any early run should be taken seriously and traders should be looking to identify the range and trade the trend as much as possible. The tournament is not the time to wait out and see which team has showed up, by the time you have figured it out the game could already be over and the market gapping. You can’t trade with fear, with so many games you have to trade every market to win.

  4. Buzzer Beaters - Live by the sword and die by the sword. It's important to have options at the end of close games so you can move your portfolio as necessary to be in a position to capitalize on a late minute win and even more so to get out of harms way when the game and then market go against you in a material way.

  5. No.1 vs No.16 - Anything is possible so its important to respect the IPO price but don’t trade it like the law. Every underdog is an opportunity to find value and make a big trade. That being said, there is a reason the higher seed is ranked and you should always be ready to ride the trend of the favorite once they hit a groove.

With so many markets there will be a little bit of everything. Our honest advice is to use this as a chance to try out as many different trading strategies as you can. Find what works for you and what makes the most sense given the game context.

The future will be in real-time. Let the madness begin.

BallStreet will be running the following contest schedule:

All games will be their own contest. Which means the P&L that you collect for that specific game will be what goes to the leaderboard for ranking in that contest.

Example: Sweet 16 game will be its own contest, each Final Four Semi Final Game will be its own contest.