Conference Championship Weekend

Los Angeles Rams $42.25

New Orleans Saints $57.01

  • Like every Saints game, buyers have been coming in and lifting NO shares to $57 and rising

  • Sellers punishing LAR early, shares trading down to $42

  • VC seems to be in play early in this game

If you look back at any of the previous Saints games this season you understand how they perform at home and how the market tends to treat their shares. It takes a lot for the market to sell. And we mean a lot. Last week we saw the Eagles jump out to a 14-0 lead and still trade under $50 for a good portion of that first half. From the early market action we expect the same and can assume there will be a thick level of support right around the $56 IPO price.

With the two biggest offenses in the NFL going at it in a dome you can be sure that no matter how cheap shares get for either team there will always be a punchers chance for a major rally on Sunday.

Advice: “Keep extra clips for extra shit” - Notorious B.I.G

Try and always have some VC ready if this game starts to get into a shoot out. You want to be able to ladder down if a team falls back by 2 scores or more. We fully expect a wild shoot out and a wide range market with tons of volatility. These are markets that separate the boys from the men and you need to have the bullets to stay in the fight.

Untitled 6.001.jpeg

New England Patriots $42.25

Kansas City Chiefs $56.39

  • Buyers have been coming in and lifting KC shares to $56 and rising

  • Sellers are heavily trading down the NEP to $42

  • Plenty of VC left on the sidelines

There are definitely a lot of ways to look at this game and market. The line in Vegas/NJ is sitting at KC (-3) and this put out an IPO price of KC 54 and NEP at 46. When looking at this open we think its a perfect open and are a little surprised by the early action. 

Biggest market considerations before buying or selling

  1. KC playing at home

  2. Arrowhead is not a place that Brady has played particularly well in his career

  3. Its supposed to be under 10 degrees at kickoff

  4. Andy Reid clock management

  5. A rookie QB vs Belichick

  6. Brady being Brady

All of these have to give pause to anyone considering playing this game before kickoff. Too many important angles to consider to really have a feel before we get a chance to see these two teams play in 6 degrees on Sunday.

Advice: This game more than maybe any other this season is screaming for traders to sit back and wait for the game to define how the market is going to trade and then take advantage to all of those mistakes traders are making by trading too early with little to no information.

Untitled NEP update.001.jpeg

NEP 31
KC 24

LAR 33
NO 41