How Bout D'em Cowboys!

The pregame buzz for those looking to find a reason to get long the Cowboys was fact they were playing on full rest in Dallas. That seemed to play a definite role in the game when you look back on how it played out and how flat the Saints looked. Most of us shrugged off the short week argument and pointed to the Saints and an offense that was scoring almost 40 points  per game this season was more than enough against this Dallas team.

What did we see…well, it looks like the Cowboy fans had it right. They completely controlled this game even with a defense that gave up an incredible amount of penalties and second chances to the number 1 ranked offense in the NFL. Given the dominance of the Saints this season its wasn’t surprising that the market didn’t want to sell Saints shares even with the score 13-0.

When you look at the chart from last night’s game you can see there was opportunistic buying of the Cowboys but little conviction to push the price much higher than $60 before the last few possessions in the 4th quarter.

After the special teams roughing the kicker penalty ultimately gave the Saints a FG and real momentum for the first time you could feel the market wanting to dump the Cowboys. Those traders who held or even bought more were rewarded in the end.

The final sequence of plays highlighted the market being ready to buy the Saints and sell the Cowboys after the Prescott fumble (Dallas shares feel $10) and the rally that was ready to run before the Brees INT and concession of the game.

It’s hard to fault traders wanting to buy the Saints during this game. Cowboy penalties and the lack of points made too much sense for the opportunity to see the Saints go down field and win this game in the final minutes. Cowboys held them off and you have to tip your cap to everyone who sucked it up and bought shares of the Cowboys in this one.