How do you trade Game of Thrones?

BallStreet will be listing all of your favorite characters in a market that will ask a simple question, who will win Westeros and sit in the Iron Throne at the end of the final season.

Markets will trade as they do for any other event. The winning outcome will value at 100 and all other outcomes will value at 0.

As characters become more likely to win the Throne the price will likely go up as more fans will begin to buy shares of that character. As characters become less likely and even die their markets will sell off and eventually trade to 0.

Your goal is the collect the biggest trading P&L based on how the markets trade. Top 20% will be declared winners.

The markets will always be open so you can buy and sell shares of characters throughout the season; before shows, during shows and after shows. This will give all fans an opportunity to engage in real-time and experience the show from a new perspective and quantify what they think will happen next. The markets will open and remain open until the series finale goes off the air.

This is the ultimate Game of Thrones fan game.

CHARACTER - TICKER - IPO (as of April 2019)

Jon Snow - SNOW - 20

Bran Stark - BRAN - 12

Daenerys - DTAR - 19

Arya Stark - ARYA - 10

The Night King - TNK - 9

Gendry - GDRY - 8

Sansa Stark - SANS - 6

Tyrion Lannister - TYRN - 6

Cersei Lannister - CERS - 5

Jamie Lannister - JLAN - 3

Spoilers: Buy the rumor and sell the news? While we know spoilers can and will exist with this type of market we will be closely following the market to ensure the trading is fair and appropriate. This is meant to enhance the experience of watching the show and taking the journey during the last season. That being said, HBO and the producers have been known to leak false information to help all of us experience the show together.

The markets are meant to be fun and exciting as new information from the show, blogs and friends gets pushed into the market and the prices move with each new detail. Pick some of your favorite characters and get ready to buy in victory, sell in defeat and crash the market in death.

We will be hosting episode recaps of all of the market movements to keep everyone updated on how and why the markets moved based on the show.