Monday Night Madness

It would be hard to ask for a better game and market if you are a fan, took the over or a trader. The Monday night game between the L.A. Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs gave anyone who stayed up to finish it everything we love about sports.

  • 3 Ties

  • 7 Lead Changes

  • 51 Points for Losing Team

  • 105 Total Points

  • 6 Times Team Prices Passed Through $50

  • 6 Times Team Shares Rallied 25 its or More 

  • A Final Possession With a Chance to Win

When we look at the final leaderboard we see a lot of KC shares being held as the game finished. Was it traders buying KC on the final possession of the game? Hoping to find magic one more time? Or was it traders taking a position in the game that didn’t fully utilize the real time nature of the market?

It was a clear lesson on why trading the market and not simply the game is such a key to success on BallStreet. Those traders who took a single view of the game “KC to win” and even some who took “LAR to win” were left behind by those traders who identified the swings and bought shares on the way up and sold before the next rally was ready to take place.

Traders who were able to buy each of those last possessions of the game with both KC and LAR going back and forth in the second half were rewarded with huge P&L scores. Those players who took a passive approach were left behind and their P&L ultimately suffered. 

We saw 6 massive rallies during the game which moved shares of both teams 25 pts or more. These rallies proved to be the difference, if traders bought ahead of these moves they were in a position of strength to then ultimately sell those shares after the actual in game score and take that profit giving them the luxury of waiting for the next opportunity to put their cash to work.

The takeaway here has to be when the game is giving you wild swings it’s going to be so important to trade with the trend and not take a single view on the outcome. BallStreet gives players the ability to trade in real time and games like this prove that if you use it, you will have a much better success rate trading and not simply leaving your outcome to chance.