Trading the World Series - Game 1

Is this Boston’s year? — Do the Dodgers have enough to compete?

Game 1 showed us the Red Sox machine that dominated the regular season by scoring the most runs in MLB.

A wild and back and forth game 1 showed what the Red Sox do so well. They score runs. Every Dodgers rally was immediately met by the Red Sox adding more runs before finally opening up the game with the Nunez pinch hit home run. There was a lot of noise on twitter with this move to bring in Nunez and all of the skeptics were all quickly drowned out by the Boston fans celebrating a 3 run home run and a game 1 victory.

A game that started all about starting pitching with Sale vs Kershaw it was the deep line up of the Red Sox that battled and finally delivered the death blow to take game 1.

  • BOS traded in a $50 to $65 range for much of the game.

  • LAD traded in a $35 to $50 range.

Finally the market began to put pressure on LAD stocks as BOS continued to put runners on before the final HR that sealed the game.

Photo Credit: ESPN