Trading the World Series - Game 2

It might be Boston’s year after all.

Game 2 was a very similar story to Game 1 and that leaves little room of error for the Dodgers as they look to regroup as they head back to LA and get back into this series. The story of Game 2 was more of the same, Boston bats doing everything they need to do to keep pressure and find timely hitting.

Another back and forth game gave two major rallies for both LAD and BOS shares. An early one run lead for BOS saw them trade north of $65 early but it was the LAD rally in the 4th inning that started to set the tone of the market limiting the peak of LAD shares at around $60. Traders were almost already pricing in another BOS rally and as soon as the bottom of the 5th inning began we saw weakness in LAD shares before the tying run crossed the plate. BOS did what they have done these entire playoffs and executed with runners on base and put up 3 runs and ultimately the market out of reach for anyone still looking to buy BOS.

Traders who missed this rally were left hoping to catch the falling knife that was LAD. The calvary never arrived and BOS trended up through $90 to effectively close the market early.

Will be interesting to see if LAD has an answer and buyers are buying the old saying that “a series hasn’t started until a team loses a game”. LAD at home for game three…will they answer the bell?

Photo Credit: ESPN