Trade Live Sports

  • FREE-TO-PLAY | Real Money Prizes.

  • REAL-TIME | Buy and sell as you watch live.

  • PEER-vs-PEER | Only the traders affect the price.

The future of fan engagement will be through a second screen experience.

What is BallStreet? 

A real-time event market. As an event plays out the win probability of each team will change. It is up to you to buy and sell shares based on how the market it trading compared to the live event.

All traders enter the market with the same amount of shares of each team with virtual currency to buy and sell during the event in real-time.

Markets trade from 0 to 100

At end of game; Winning teams value at 100 and Losing teams value at 0.

Your goal is to simply out trade the market with the best P&L.



Betting odds are confusing. Probability is easy.

BallStreet has created a real-time event stock market that lets you trade live events based on the win probability of your favorite teams.

Percentage to win equals the price in the market.


A price of 65.00 would represent the market believing there is a 65% chance for this team to win the event.


Pricing is only based on the traders in the market, there are no outside sources of information affecting pricing.

As more traders enter the market and buy a specific team because they are playing well, the price will go up.

If you buy shares at 65 and shares go up in price to 75, you can sell them to take the profit and build your P&L towards the leaderboard.

As more traders enter the market and sell a specific team because they are playing poorly, the price will go down.

If you own shares and they are trading at 55 and then go down in price to 45, your P&L will be deducted as the market is selling off and the shares you own are worth less. You can hold, sell or even buy more.

Your goal is always the same, buy low and sell high!

Sports Stocks go up in price
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